Province's Role in the Westray Mining Disaster

Letter to the Editor
Halifax Chronicle-Herald

30 July 1996

Not Reassuring

Dear Editor:

In reading in the July 23 paper of the "cold response" to Reinhold Endres' apology and acceptance of "legitimate criticism" for the province's role in the Westray mining disaster, I was reminded of his testimony at the inquiry into the wrongful imprisonment of Donald Marshall Jr. some years ago.

On that occasion, Mr. Endres defended his persuasion of Mr. Marshall to accept a pittance in compensation for his incarceration and the loss of 11 years of his youth.  Mr. Endres expressed no animosity toward Mr. Marshall; he merely emphasized that his professional responsibility was to limit the cost to the province of any misadventure for which it might be held responsible.

Your admirable editorial cartoon in the July 24 issue confirms my belief that Mr. Endres' expression of willingness to accept "legitimate" criticism gives very little assurance that the province will ultimately offer substantial redress for any negligence.

Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg

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